Greenwood library to close for repairs

The Greenwood Public Library will close for a week later this month.

Officials are planning to close the library starting July 13, but that date could change depending on the weather, according to a news release.

While the library is closed, workers will be installing a condensing unit. The work is part of ongoing repairs to the library’s heating and air conditioning system, the release said.

Last year, the library borrowed $1 million for maintenance projects, including work to the heating and air conditioning system, and to replace gutters and carpeting. The library also got $310,000 from the city redevelopment commission to repair potholes in the parking lot, fix uneven and broken spots in the sidewalks and repair a pump to make sure sewage doesn’t back up into the building.

Work to the building and parking lot has been ongoing.

During the closure later this month, programs will be canceled or rescheduled. The library is still planning the Starlight Movie Night showing of “Frozen” at Old City Park on July 17. For more updates, visit the library’s website at