Letter: Children need quality education, support GPE

To the editor:

In Texas, Florida, the Keys and other areas affected by recent hurricanes, we realize the importance of getting children back into school as soon as possible. As a country we value education and the role it plays in the normalization of daily life, the transformational affect education can have on individuals and societies.

But around the world millions of children are NEVER in school. This makes for unstable governments and economies, inviting extremism to take hold.

I am proud to say that our legislators recently put aside political differences and passed the READ ACT, which ensures that U.S. investments in global basic education are having the greatest impact, while advancing quality education for children affected by conflict or emergencies. I consider that a miracle.

At the same time, Representative Trey Hollingsworth has signed onto Resolution H 466, a bipartisan resolution ensuring the United State’s increased investment in the Global Partnership for Education. The GPE is the only organization of its kind that works with developing countries around the world to provide quality education for all children.

But, of course, they need partners. The U.S. can be a leader. We know the value of having all children in quality schools.

I hope we can count on Senators Todd Young and Joe Donnelly to follow Rep. Hollingsworth’s lead and support the funding pledge for the Global Partnership for Education when it comes before the Senate. With natural disasters on the rise, and conflicts destabilizing areas around the world, it is vital to have children in school learning to read and write, for their survival and quality of life.

Diane Lindley