Letter: President Trump no friend of U.S. constitution

To the editor:

It is interesting that Mr. (Rich) Gotshall’s column and Mr. (George) Allen’s letter were side by side. (“Up to us,” and “Columnist gets it right on Democrats,” March 20).

Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated by his actions that he is not a friend of democracy or the Constitution. He was an autocrat in his business and on television, and he is an autocrat in the White House. He is trying to establish an imperial presidency, which is exactly what the Constitution was intended to prevent. The Republican Party rode this tiger into office and now does not know how to get off its back without being devoured. Both parties and all supporters of the Constitution need to see this autocrat impeached for many, many of his flagrant actions.

It is sad that a segment of our democratic society still believes in strong-man rule. George Washington dismissed their overtures and set us on the path of checks and balances in government. It is also sad that Congress and the Supreme Court have abandoned their Constitutional responsibility to be a check and balance on this autocratic executive and his autocratic cabinet. That leaves only the ballot box to bring the Constitution back into full force and effect. To energize the population to exercise their voting responsibility the press has a responsibility to not just “report the facts” but to defend the democracy and its Constitution which guarantees a free press.

Donald Smith