Letter: Lack of compassion deeply disheartening

To the editor:

Recently, someone commented that my letter, (“Tradition of selfishness doing major damage”) published on July 28, was very harsh. It had asserted that the conservative mindset was creating an atmosphere of institutionalized selfishness and brutality.

On July 31, the Daily Journal had two small articles that seem to reinforce my position. One was the brief from San Diego stating that over half of the population were indifferent to the plight of adults escaping from violence or persecution and of children fleeing gang violence. The other article was on the editorial page from the Chicago Tribune describing the cruel tactics being used in various cities against the homeless and those who are trying to help them.

That lack of compassion and sense of moral obligation is deeply disheartening to those of us who are proud of Lady Liberty, her upraised torch and the sentiment etched on her base as a symbol of what could be a great nation. We have turned into a heartless herd of “I’ve got mine! Don’t involve me!”

Donald A. Smith


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