Cheerful funds

William and Donna Nixon, $50

Walter D. and Katherine Jones family, $300, in loving memory of Doug

Jim Mitchell and family and Norma Dillard and family, $40, in loving memory of Leona Mae Cox

Joy Sunday School Class, $100

Jon and Sharon Clark, $52

Joe Beardsley, $60, in memory of John S. Eggers, C.W. Todd Eggers, R. Kenneth and Ellen Payne Andrews, H.K. Andrews MD, Eleanor Dunn Andrews

Robert Heuchan, $100, in memory of Albert and Wilma Heuchan

Trafalgar United Methodist Women, $200

Anonymous, $300

Dorothy, Mary and Shirley,

$20, in loving memory of

our mom and daddy (Gideon P. and Lillie M. Johnson), our sister (Margaret Cantrell), our brothers (Paul and James “Junior” Johnson), forever loving and missing you.

Randy Brent Pierce, $100, in loving memory of Ethel Marie (Day) Adams in her 100th year

Randy Brent Pierce, $50, in loving memory of my family Neil Ellie Lester and Doris Pierce Ernest and Ronnie Day and Earl Adams

Ernest Smith, $100

Sara Kian, $25, in memory of Josh and Bruce Kian

A friend, Helen, $20, in

memory of Nelle Short and Minnie Barrow