60 Second Safety for Dec. 23

This safety series is designed to help you prepare your family for life’s emergencies — big and small—and keep you as safe and healthy as possible when Mother Nature or life throws the unexpected your way. Take the next minute to help make you and your family safer.

Over the Hills and Through the Woods … Safely

If you are headed to Grandma’s house this week, take a few minutes to plan for a safe trip and have a happy holiday!

Check the weather forecast before you leave. Weather can have a negative impact on any type of travel and you may need to plan for additional time or alternate routes in order to avoid problems.

Get in the habit of taking a look back when you get up to leave a restaurant or rest stop. Travel is distracting, and we’re often in a hurry, so it is easy to leave behind a jacket or phone.

Separate your sources of money. If you are traveling with someone else, make sure you both have money and credit cards in case a wallet is lost or stolen while traveling. If you are traveling by yourself, at the very least put some money in a pocket or pouch separate from your wallet. And store your wallet in a front pocket or a zipped purse instead of a back pocket to reduce the risk of losing it.

Carry hand sanitizer or wet wipes to use after being in public places or while on airplanes. Flu and cold season are in full swing and a little prevention can go a long way towards having a happier holiday.

Consider using your credit card instead of your debit card or carrying large quantities of cash when y60-Second Safety is provided by Johnson County Community Organizations Active in Disasters.