Putting Hoosiers on path to healthier lives

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An annual survey of U.S. health rankings puts Indiana at 41st in the nation for the third straight year.

Although United Health Foundation’s new rankings keep Indiana at 41st in the nation, the state did make improvements in lowering smoking and childhood poverty levels.

The report, released last month, indicates that while Indiana was strong with regards to immunizations, infectious diseases and curbing binge drinking, it still has work to do in physical activity, obesity, air pollution and other categories.

State health commissioner Jerome Adams said it will take a coalition of state and local officials and Hoosiers themselves to make progress on some of Indiana’s greatest health challenges.

Fortunately, Johnson County residents already have that coalition in place in the form of Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County. The organization focuses on a variety of local health issues, including reducing smoking, helping mothers have healthier babies and helping residents reduce weight and improve fitness.

This last goal is accomplished through Dump Your Plump, now in its 30th round. It helps people accomplish weight-loss and exercise goals through accountability, competition and incentives.

Teams of co-workers, families, or friends at churches, workplaces, schools and clubs can compete in Dump Your Plump. You don’t have to live in Johnson County to participate. Four to 10 team members set weight-loss goals (0-20 pounds), commit to exercise at least 30 minutes five days each week, and encourage each other along the way during the 10-week program.

Participants who report exercising five days in the

current report week will be entered and randomly

chosen to win the $25 weekly giveaway. Teams earn points by members meeting the weekly exercise commitment

and meeting their weight-loss goal at the end of the contest. The team with the highest score will win the

$1,000 team prize.

A new round of Dump Your Plump starts Jan. 25.

This friendly competition seeks to address the very serious issues of weight control and exercise. It offers an effective way to address one of the critical points in the health foundation’s survey.

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For information or to register for Dump The Plump, visit healthierjc.org/.

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A survey of U.S. health ranks Indiana 41st in the nation.

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Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County offers Dump Your Plump competitions as a fun way to address weight and exercise issues.