Marriage Licenses – February 6

Marriage licenses

Joshua McDonald of Columbus and Ashley Melson of Edinburgh

Ryan Shell and Charity Jones, both of Greenwood

Daniel Goss and Delilah Goss, both of Greenwood

Joseph Ramey and Courtney Scott, both of Greenwood

Christopher Fite of Whiteland and Carolyn Neff of Morgantown

Rebekah Padgett of Franklin and Jeremiah Crawler of Trafalgar

Troy Woodall and Maleea Nelsen, both of Franklin

Clayton Wilder and Jamie Risch, both of Greenwood

Jamie Marvel of Greenwood and Jason Free of Greenfield

Jude Warthen and Amanda Debruler, both of Greenwood

Tammy Purdie of Indianapolis and Linda Barnes of Greenwood

Kenneth Wilde Jr. and Lori Paulin, both of Greenwood

Loretta Taylor and Herman Smart, both of Franklin

Clifford Bell and Eric Pass, both of Lewisville, Texas

Anthony Gommel of Greenwood and Laura Morgan of Indianapolis

Tony Cruse and Jeremy Ganaden, both of Franklin

Kayla Manuputy of Greenwood and Matthew Purnell of Indianapolis

Robert Esteb of Needham and Lora McKee of Whiteland

Taylor Ray of New Whiteland and Dustin Nicholson of Greenwood

Wesley Smith and Kayla Trump, both of Greenwood

Amanda Wolf and Michael Bentley, both of Greenwood

Cody Turner and Kaleigh Hix, both of Greenwood

Kyle Thompson and Kayla Bell, both of Greenwood

Teresa Stevens and Mary Beth Woods, both of Greenwood