Marriage Licenses – March 12

Marriage licenses

Sue Kauble and Lloyd Hutslar, both of Franklin

Maria Hernandez and Jhon Madrid, both of Greenwood

Ashley Edmondson and Amy Williams, both of Franklin

John Garner of Pittsboro and Margo Alderson of Greenwood

Amanda Dulaney and Shazally Raheem, both of Franklin

Christopher Wilhelm and Emily Penderghest, both of Franklin

Jeanna Ashcraft and Brian Tanner, both of New Whiteland

Joshua Falor and Tiffany Wells, both of Edinburgh

Mackenzie Blythe and Keith Shelton, both of Franklin

Michael Giambone of Greenwood and Regine Nadela of Italy

Donald Roach and Denise Bogardus, both of Greenwood

Brooke Riley of Franklin and Reid Shoemaker of Mooresville

Angel Leap and Brandon Preston, both of Greenwood

Steven Berry and Vivian Engle, both of Greenwood

Catherine Donley of Greenwood and Marc Carosielli of Cincinnati.

Diann Parsley and Bradley Thompson, both of Bargersville

Vikram Randhawa of Arizona and Tajinder Kaur of Greenwood

Diana Briggs and James Pope, both of Greenwood

Brian Bauer of Greenwood and Rita De Cassia Miranda of Brazil

Michael Dutton and Janis Rivers, both of Greenwood

Misty Scaggs of Franklin and Ian Baldwin of New Whiteland

Lensi Dickey and Jeremiah Hunsley, both of Greenwood

Beth Slinker and Benjamin Shotts, both of Whiteland