Hearts & Darts – March 16


  • Hearts, hearts, hearts to the following who helped me through frozen pipes and driveway snow: Tim Mize, John Spurill, Rex Edwards and John Canary. You are the best! Thanks again for all your work and help.

Wanda Long


  • A big thanks to all the volunteers of the Center Grove Little League basketball program, including the organizers, coaches, referees and participants. They provide the opportunity for a lot of young people to participate in team sports and learn fundamentals while having some fun. Good job!

Nick Johnson


  • GreenMachine Robotics Teams from Greenwood Community Schools want to send many hearts to Jim Burkhead and Beth Fetterman for their huge gift of tools. This was our first year in Robotics, so we didn’t have a lot to work with. The students were so excited as they looked through the storage, drills, screwdrivers, tools to use in small areas, etc. You seemed to know just what they needed! More Hearts than we can say, also, to our mentor coach, Mark Snodgrass, for his guidance in so many ways. We could not have gotten off to this great start without you.

Tami Vest


  • Many, many huge hearts to those who had nothing but kind words for Ted Server. I second that 100 percent. He was a great man in every direction. God bless you and your fine family. God bless America.

Wilma Jean Hougland


  • A great big thank-you to the Bobcat driver that cleared the end of my driveway on Lakewood Drive in Trafalgar, on March 1 after the snowstorm. It was greatly appreciated! Also, I want to thank the entire Trafalgar street department for doing such a nice job getting our streets cleared.

Tammy Link


  • Hearts and more hearts to Chris Hall for clearing our driveways. Thank you so much.

Anabel Teeters and Renae Teeters