April 10 Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses

Jill Miser of Olmstead Falls, Ohio, and Nathaniel Hubbard of Fairview Park, Ohio 

Jacob Boger and Jessica Hubbard, both of Greenwood

Kimberly Davis and Teresa Johnson, both of Greenwood

Jill Cramer and Gabriel Justice, both of Greenwood

Calvin Damper and Natasha West, both of Edinburgh

Stephanie See of Greenwood and Jimmy Garrison Jr. of Quincy

Gregory Pardue of Greenwood and Jennifer Wendel of Indianapolis

Maurice Brown and Kiara Davis, both of Greenwood

Amy Mullins and Timothy Meek, both of Franklin

Juanita Anderson of Franklin and Jason Laswell of Indianapolis

Charles Henderson III and Jennifer Montgomery, both of Greenwood

Diana Hamilton and Rory Shute, both of Whiteland

Nathan Harvey and Kaylee Bellhy, both of Greenwood

Alan Stockman and Rita De Avellar, both of Greenwood

Bhumi Bhavsar of Greenwood and Jay Nagle of Troy, Michigan

Yvonne Bennett and Louis Figueroa, both of Franklin

Eric Kiefer and Stephanie Stoyer, both of Greenwood

Alicia Denney and Charles Green, both of Franklin

Pamela Skirvin and Blaik Shea, both of Greenwood

James Burns of Franklin and Morgan Gold of Greenwood

Frederick Holmes and Jennifer Lopiccolo, both of Greenwood

Leanne Jochim and Garold Lazzell, both of Franklin

Jordan Sutherlin and Tiffany Frye, both of Greenwood

Gurpreet Kaur and Harvinder Singh, both of Greenwood

Aaron Brown and Amber Osswald, both of Franklin

Kevin Slaybaugh of Trafalgar and Sheryl Zook of Indianapolis

Geoffey Wright of Whiteland and Morgan Flora of Greenwood

Joseph Cantarini and Richelle Aldrich, both of Bargersville

Michael Lightfoot and Amanda Thacker, both of Greenwood

David Wynn and Danielle Kruse, both of Franklin