Marriages – July 2

Marriage licenses

Sue Kauble and Lloyd Hutslar, both of Franklin

Ana Rodas and Tomas Valencia, both of Franklin

Terrence Moberly and Barbara Richardson, both of Greenwood

Michael Riggins and Melissa Sirosky, both of Franklin

Dragan Jokic and Safron Post, both of Greenwood

Shawna Schilawski of Whiteland and Kuyler Bailey of South Whitley

Aaron Bender and Krystal McMahon, both of New Whiteland

Amanda Iseminger and Adam Ross, both of Greenwood

Glen Scott and Hanna Sharp, both of Greenwood

Jenna Young and Joshua Elliott, both of Greenwood

Amanda Butts and Kyle Sample, both of Greenwood

Gladis Flores of Indianapolis and Jose Ceballos of Greenwood

Jason Damron of Camby and Christa Whitehurst of Franklin

Robert Doles and Phyllis Webster, both of Franklin

Todd Barnard Jr., and Rebecca Sue Rubyor, both of Whiteland

Sandra Cooper of Camby and Benjamin Krieg of Greenwood

Amy Storms and Andrew Graves, both of Whiteland

Theresa Burchfield and Michael Smith, both of Greenwood

Brandi Frison and James Hyatt, both of Greenwood

Katelyn Reingardt and Alex Velasquez, both of Greenwood

Gregory Anderson and Kathy Jacobson, both of Whiteland

Maynard Albertson Jr. of Trafalgar and Kari Leslie of Morgantown

Jacie Hubbard of Hanover and Gerald Minnick of Trafalgar

Keith Bay and Jolene Martin, both of Franklin

Keith Woods and Kristina McTarsney, both of Franklin

James Ash and Deborah Garrett, both of Greenwood