Letter: Obama, Clinton miss mark on tragedies

<p><strong>To the editor:</strong></p>
<p>How many is enough?</p>
<p>It’s must be embarrassing when you’ve shot your mouth off way before your brain was engaged and been on the wrong side of every tragic event, but that is how President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton surely wake up every morning.</p>
<p>First it was their inability to recognize the source of the terror that has been unleashed on us and the rest of the world. Neither Obama nor Clinton had the courage to call it what it is. Then they tried to downplay the threat, referring to ISIS as a JV team. Then they tried to tell us it wasn’t about the terrorists, it was about workplace violence.</p>
<p>And when that didn’t work, they jumped on the notion that it’s about America’s guns. If we get the guns off the streets all this violence will miraculously go away, they say. Even now, Obama is likely looking into the possibility that a white, American police officer could have been behind the wheel in Nice.</p>
<p>So let us review.</p>
<p>Boston was a pressure-cooker bomb. Shall we ban pressure cookers?</p>
<p>The schools and theater in America, the Paris and Orlando nightclubs involved already illegal weaponry, illegally used in gun-free zones. Yet we still see new demands for more gun laws and gun-free zones.</p>
<p>By this failed logic shall we now assume that since it was a truck driver, in a truck, it was again workplace violence? Will we be told that the truck in Nice was an “assault truck” because it had an automatic transmission? Perhaps we need some "common sense" assault truck control laws.</p>
<p>Yes, this discussion is pure lunacy. So are the positions of both Obama and Clinton. This isn’t about guns, it’s about unthinkably evil people doing unthinkably evil things with virtually any tool available to them. Which begs the question: how many people must be sacrificed before we identify, engage and defeat this evil for what it is? When do we reject all this as “the new norm”?</p>
<p>When we dump Obama and Clinton — that’s when.</p>
<p><p style="text-align: right"><strong>Mike Pflum</strong></p>
<p><p style="text-align: right">Martinsville</p>