Racial slur painted on home

A report of a racial slur found on a Greenwood home has been sent to the FBI to investigate as a hate crime, police said.

On Tuesday, a resident in the Sweetgrass neighborhood contacted police to report that someone had spray-painted a racial slur on the side of his home, according to the Greenwood Police Department report.

He also had received a note that repeated the racial slur, said his family was not welcome there and that they needed to get out, the report said. The letter also said this was “Trump country.”

The resident said he had gotten two similar notes in previous weeks and had thrown them away, the report said.

Police are investigating, Greenwood Assistant Police Chief Matt Fillenwarth said. Officers requested to take the note to check for fingerprints or other evidence, but the residents wanted to keep it, the report said.

They told police they had not had any conflicts with anyone in the neighborhood.

The residents said they did not want to be identified for a story.

The report has been sent to the FBI to be investigated as a possible hate crime, Fillenwarth said.

Fillenwarth said the notes and graffiti are not acceptable in Greenwood or anywhere, and it bothers him to think a family has been treated that way, he said.

Since the report was made earlier this week, the graffiti has been removed from the home, he said.