Letter: Another military draft not necessary

<strong>To the editor:</strong>

Why would you even print such a stupid guest column about our military and our president? ("Volunteer military, or back to the draft?" Sept. 23)

Aren’t we served up enough of this hogwash already from Franklin College?

Who cares if a “freelance writer” from Texas, Gloria Johns, whines that we no longer release details like the number of soldiers in country or how long they are deployed – and telling the enemy the exact dates they will be leaving – like the previous administration. What gives her the idea our military doesn’t want to re-enlist?

She makes it sound like they are being held captive. Has she never heard of a warrior? Could someone please tell her about bravery, devotion and service above and beyond? What does she think drives the military, the police and the firefighters?

It is only unimaginable to those in the ivory towers who really is out there protecting us. Like liberals everywhere, she thinks government should just endlessly coddle, but do nothing but talk.

She complains that the president has given “total authority” to the secretary of defense (a general, think of that!) instead of the previous community organizer micromanaging a war. And as for her calling our president “trigger happy,” I think a better description is fearless…like men everywhere have always aspired to be before the schools and the media began their relentless instructions that they were just bullies and the smart leaders really were girls.

As for her fretting about another draft, now that we have a real man in the White House not afraid to delegate authority to military leaders, and not afraid to win, another draft will not be necessary because the brave volunteers will increase.
<p style="text-align: right"><strong>Judy Coleman</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: right"><strong>Bargersville</strong></p>