Letter: Playing for coach would be an honor

<p><strong>To the editor:</strong></p>
<p>I’m writing this letter to show my support for Coach Eric Moore. My son, Brayden Sturm, is a freshman at CGHS and is a football player. Brayden has played football since he was able to start playing at age 6. We have always played with the Bantam League, he was apart of the Junior Trojans program, he played for CGMSC and then he played on the freshman team this past year. So far, Brayden hasn’t "officially" played under Coach Moore, but Coach Moore knows who he is.</p>
<p>How you may ask? The answer is simple…Coach Moore shows up to the Bantam fields to watch these kids play and he talks to the kids. He will show up with older kids and has them speak to the younger kids to show them where they are headed if they want to play football when they get in high school. He doesn’t just talk to them about football, but about school in general. He tells him their grades, or GPA as they get older, are also important. That how you perform in the classroom is just as important, if not more important, than how they perform on the field.</p>
<p>I have pictures of Brayden and Coach Moore throughout the years of when he would show up to watch them. He was always more than happy to have his picture taken with him. Coach Moore understands how important it is to build a program from the ground up. He understands you have to invest in these kids at a young age even if that has meant taking time away from his own family. My husband was a board member with the Bantam League for four years. He would come home and tell me how much time Coach Moore would spend at the fields. He was always amazed at the commitment he had to watching and talking to these boys.</p>
<p>My daughter had Coach Moore for a gym teacher. She is not an athletic child and Coach Moore was so nice to her and told her she didn’t have to be. He told her to just do her best. That’s exactly what she needed to hear because she’s always disliked gym class. We, as a family, have gone to many Friday night games to support the Trojans. We love this community and we love the atmosphere of Friday nights. That atmosphere has been created by what Coach Moore has built. It would be a great honor for our son to play on Friday nights with Coach Moore as his coach.</p>
<p><p style="text-align: right"><strong>Mary Ann Sturm</strong></p>
<p><p style="text-align: right"><strong>Greenwood</strong></p>