Prosecutor charges 27 more in temple brawl

Months after a brawl at a Sikh temple in Greenwood, investigators used video to identify 27 more people, who were all charged with misdemeanors.

Now, 45 people have been charged in the fight that injured two people and required all of the officers in the county to respond.

All of the people have been charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. Two others were charged with an additional count of battery causing bodily injury.

The charges stem from an April 15 incident at the Gurdwara Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji temple in Greenwood. Sikh officials have told police the brawl stemmed from the naming of new leadership for the temple on Graham Road.

More than 100 people were involved, and surveillance video showed people hitting and choking each other, spraying mace or pepper spray and using sticks to hit each other. One man told police he dodged a sword.

At least two people needed medical treatment for injuries, including a man with a broken shoulder who also needed stitches for a wound caused by another man hitting him with a stick with nails, and a teenage girl who required treatment after being sprayed with mace during the brawl.

Initially, police wanted to charge four people in the incident, and Prosecutor Brad Cooper declined, saying he wanted everyone involved to be charged.

Since the initial 17 people were charged, investigators reviewed more video and got help from witnesses — including some of the people charged initially — to identify other people involved, Cooper said.

Many of the people charged initially were not upset about their charge, but more concerned about people who hadn’t been charged, Cooper said. Those people helped investigators identify others involved in the brawl, he said.

Investigators used surveillance camera footage, but also reviewed multiple other videos taken on cellphones by people who were there that day, he said.

Anyone who was identified as taking aggressive action against another person should be charged, Cooper said. He believes the most recent charges should cover everyone else, he said.

The following people were recently charged with a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct:

Paramjit Singh

Daljit Singh Dhaliwal

Davinder Singh Nijjar

Pritplal Nijjar

Gurdip Nijar

Amrinder Singh Rattol

Amrik Singh Grewal

Accharjeet Singh

Sarbjit Singh Randhawa

Palwinder Singh

Surinder Singh

Mukhtiar Singh Badyal

Jatinder Athwal

Kuldip Singh

Harjit Singh Aujila

Baljit Singh Boparai

Harpreet Singh Sahota

Manjit Singh Mann

Amrik Singh Bal

Gurjit Sinqh Dhaliwal

Simran Kaur

Harjinder Singh

Jamsher Singh

Kulwinder Singh Randhawa

Lakhvir Singh

Amarjit Singh

Gurinder Singh Rana

None of the people have been arrested, and are instead being given a summons to appear in court, Cooper said.