Four candidates seek two seats in Edinburgh town council

Four candidates are running for two open seats on the Edinburgh Town Council with a focus on bettering the community.

Republican William Jones, Republican Marshall Ryan Piercefield, Democrat Ron Hoffman and independent candidate Don McQueen will face each other for the two spots on the Edinburgh Town Council.

Members of the Edinburgh Town Council are responsible for passing ordinances and resolutions, establishing salaries for town employees, passing an annual budget and setting utility rates.

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Hoffman was the former town council president from 2008 to 2016. Now retired, Hoffman said he was encouraged by other people in town to run for the council again.

This is Jones’ first time running for a public office. He was a former town employee in the water department for 14 years, and said he wants to be a representative for all town employees.

“I think that I can help. When certain questions are asked, being a former town employee, I know the answer to some without having to go to somebody else,” Jones said.

As a former Franklin firefighter and longtime Edinburgh resident, Piercefield said running for town council is another way for him to give back to his community.

“I want to see where the future of Edinburgh goes,” Piecefield said.

McQueen declined to answer questions about why he was running for office or the top issues facing the town.

Jones said one of his goals, if elected, is to improve the streets in town. He said he wants to make sure none of the roads deteriorate.

“I’d like to find more ways to get more grants so we can repair the streets,” he said.

Piercefield said he wants to find ways to support public safety officers, as someone who used to work in public safety. He said he wants to find funding for police training and find means to establish a K-9 force in Edinburgh.

“I want people to feel safe in their community,” he said.

Hoffman is focused on filling the empty businesses in town and also improving the infrastructure, such as widening streets. He said the town council works in the best interest of the people.

“Every town council member’s goal is to be sure that every decision made by them is for the improvement of the entire town of Edinburgh,” Hoffman said.

Transparency with the residents is also a priority for Jones and Piercefield.

“I don’t know that there’s that much of a problem now, but I think that’s one thing we need to do is to open up more to the taxpayers and explain things to them,” Jones said.

Piercefield said he noticed that there is not a large audience at town council meetings, and he wants people to feel welcome to come in and address issues.

“If you vote for me, I work for you,” he said.

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Edinburgh Town Council

Duties: pass ordinances and resolutions, establish salaries for town employees, pass an annual budget and set utility rates.

Term: Four years

Salary: Last year, Edinburgh Town Council member received a salary of $4,998.

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Party: Republican

Residence: Edinburgh

Family: Married to Brittany Piercefield; two children.

Education: Graduated from Edinburgh High School in 1999.

Work: City of Franklin Fire Department firefighter and paramedic.

Past political experience: None

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Party: Democrat

Residence: Edinburgh

Family: Married with two children.

Education: Graduated from Heritage High School in 1969; attended Vincennes University.

Work: Retired

Past political experience: Edinburgh Town Council from 2008 to 2016.

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Party: Republican

Residence: Edinburgh

Family: Married to Deborah Jones; two children.

Education: Graduated from Jennings County High School North.

Work: NuCO2 company route driver.

Past political experience: Edinburgh school board.