Largest drug sweep in state history underway in Johnson County

More than 100 police officers from Johnson and neighboring counties have been sweeping the county today to find and arrest 120 drug dealers wanted on felony charges.

The largest drug raid in county history is the result of a year-long investigation by Franklin police, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and Greenwood police.

Teams of officers began going to homes across the county at 7 a.m. to look for dealers who are wanted to face charges of dealing methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. They were found in homes across Franklin, a motel and sleeping in vehicles.

By mid-afternoon, 61 of the men and women facing charges had been found and arrested.

Residents noticed the police activity and called the communities’ leaders and police departments to thank officers for their dedication in following up on tips and complaints.

Getting the street-level drug dealers off the streets prevents crime, from drug-related robberies and shootings to thefts from cars and homes, and gets the drugs out of the community. The work makes a significant dent in drug distribution across the county, Sheriff Doug Cox, Prosecutor Brad Cooper and Franklin Police Chief Kirby Cochran said.

No one, police officers or suspects, had been injured in the raid.

See Friday’s Daily Journal for more information.