Students can enroll in exercise class

<p><strong>Daily Journal staff reports</strong></p><p>Parents who would like to teach their children about healthy living can enroll them in a new program started at the Johnson County Purdue Extension.</p><p>The Anytime Fitness Spark Club kicks off in February. Registration is limited to the first 10 participants.</p><p>Heather Dougherty, 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator, tells you what you need to know:</p><p><p><strong>What is the</strong></p><p><strong>goal of the class?</strong></p><p>The goal of the Spark Club is to give kids the opportunity to learn about healthy living with exercises that are easy for them to complete and exercises that can be done at home.</p><p><p><strong>What will a</strong></p><p><strong>typical class look like?</strong></p><p>A typical class is going to include different types of exercises for their age group taught by AnyTime Fitness Bargersville personal trainers. The program will educate the youth how to properly complete the exercise in a safe manner and include how to cool down or wrap up their exercising when they are finished.</p><p><p><strong>What do you want</strong></p><p><strong>students to get from it?</strong></p><p>I want youth to be able to see that healthy living can be fun and it is good for their health. You don’t have to exercise just because you want to lose weight — it should just be part of everyone’s daily routine. According to the Center for Disease Control, children and adolescents should do 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily.</p><p><p><strong>H</strong><strong>ow did the</strong></p><p><strong>idea come about?</strong></p><p>This Spark Club came about because I try to schedule an hour every day to go to AnyTime Fitness Bargersville. I have been a member since they opened and the personal trainers are great and encouraging. I thought it would be a great partnership with them in connecting with a different youth audience in the community.</p><p><p><strong>Who can register?</strong></p><p>Any youth in grades third through sixth can register; you don’t have to be a 4-H member to participate in this program. The program is capped at 10 youth. Registration deadline is January 25.</p><p><p><strong>How do I register?</strong></p><p>Go to the Johnson County Extension Office at 484 N. Morton St., Franklin.</p><p><p><strong>What is the cost?</strong></p><p>$5 for 4-H members and $20 for non 4-H members. The $20 also includes a 4-H program fee.</p><p><p><strong>When are classes?</strong></p><p>10 a.m. to noon Feb. 2 and 23 and March 2.</p><p><p><strong>Where are classes?</strong></p><p>Anytime Fitness in Bargersville, 50 N. State Road 135.</p>