Resident challenging incumbent for Greenwood mayor job

If you’ve been to a Greenwood city meeting in the last six years, you’ll likely recognize the man who wants to challenge the incumbent and be the city’s next mayor.

Dale Maramaduke filed for the city’s top leadership position on Thursday, and plans to run on the platform of a free enterprise. He will likely face Mayor Mark Myers in the primary election in May. Whoever wins that election will be placed on the November ballot for Greenwood mayor.

The bid is something he’s been considering for about a year.

He wants less government. He’s a self-proclaimed independent thinker, but he’s running on a Republican ticket. He’s the first candidate to file for Greenwood mayor this election. Myers has said he is seeking another term.

Marmaduke would be a one-term mayor, he said.

He’s outspoken. He’s one of only a couple residents who attend almost every city council and redevelopment commission meeting. He speaks before the council and commissioners often, encouraging them to spend taxpayers’ money more wisely.

“Although I seem to be ignored most of the time, they need to know that there are other opinions out there,” Marmaduke said.

The problem is, they don’t take the time to look at other options, Marmaduke said. City leaders don’t do their due diligence when making decisions that will affect every Greenwood resident, and Marmaduke wants to have a more powerful say in those decisions and the people who make them.

Marmaduke has fought against tax breaks for new businesses, especially competitors and businesses that pay low wages, and multi-million road projects that he says clog traffic. The city should be more concerned about traffic congestion than they are beautification, he said.

The city spends irresponsibly, he said. He doesn’t think a food and beverage tax is necessary. The city should simply reevaluate its current budget and spending and cut back. But they won’t, he said.

“They don’t think of it as their money, and they feel obligated to give it out. That money should go toward current citizens and the things that those current citizens need. Save it up and use it for some things that will benefit everybody,” Marmaduke said.

If Marmaduke wins the seat, he will restructure the city so that the mayor isn’t in charge of city employees.

“There needs to be a personnel director to report to a committee. (Employees) need to have the ability to report to say a town judge, or the city clerk, or the council, so that one person doesn’t have the ability to trample on employees. Employees deserve to be treated with respect,” he said.

“One person shouldn’t be dictator of the city.”

The 64 year old is a lifelong Greenwood resident and graduated from Greenwood Community High School. He is a certified accountant and spent much of his career at Eli Lilly and Company, where he retired.

He will not accept any donations for his campaign, which he plans to pay for himself. Residents who want to donate should direct that money to the city’s park department or another local organization, he said.