Fleeing suspect hides in Center Grove daycare

A man fleeing police Monday ran inside a Center Grove area in-home daycare, scaring a woman and prompting schools to lockdown until he was arrested.

Kevin Cabe, 27, of Indianapolis, was arrested on charges of residential entry, a Level 6 felony and resisting law enforcement, a Class A misdemeanor, Johnson County Sheriff Duane Burgess said.

More than four hours after the incident began, Cabe was arrested after the operator of an in-home daycare called 911 when he was found hiding inside. Police and firefighters had used dogs and drones to help search for him, according to a news release and reports from the sheriff’s office.

A woman in Hunters Pointe subdivision off Olive Branch Road noticed the door to her daycare open about 7:30 a.m. and asked an employee to close it, she told sheriff’s deputies. A short time later, she found a man standing on the vanity in her bathroom, the report said. She asked him not to hurt her, and yelled for someone to call 911, she told deputies.

The man asked her not to call 911, and told her that he was in trouble and hiding from the police, the report said. He got off the vanity and told the woman he was a sergeant in the U.S. Army and continued to ask her to not call 911, then he left, the report said.

A sheriff’s office K-9 and Center Grove police began tracking and chasing him. He was found in the area of Brentridge Parkway and Ridgemere Way.

The incident began at 3:14 a.m., when a sheriff’s deputy tried to stop a speeding vehicle on Smith Valley Road just east of Stone Road. The vehicle wouldn’t stop and the deputy lost sight of it. Greenwood police and other deputies helped search in the area of Fairview Road and Leisure Lane, and in the Carefree North and South neighborhoods, the report said.

Shortly after, officers got a call about a suspicious person in a nearby subdivision at the same time police found the vehicle crashed into a tree, and a cellphone was inside with an incoming video call. Police also learned the crashed car had been stolen, the report said.

Police set up a perimeter, and received another call of a suspicious person at a nearby gas station. That person was the man who had attempted the video call, and he had been left at the gas station by the suspect and was not part of the pursuit. He was not arrested.

Center Grove Schools were on lockdown during the incident. Bargersville and Wayne Township fire departments assisted.

Cabe is being held on $4,900 bond, which is due to him facing a felony possession of methamphetamine charge in Hendricks County.

Sheriff’s deputies learned Cabe had been discharged from the Indiana National Guard in 2009 and had not finished basic training, the report said.