Indianapolis woman arrested on local drug, prostitution charges

An Indianapolis woman was arrested on a felony drug charge and a misdemeanor prostitution charge after an undercover detective lured her to a Greenwood apartment, where she offered him intercourse and methamphetamine for money.

Nickole Washburn, 42, 3525 N. Shadeland Ave., was arrested Sunday for an incident that occurred in September 2018, according to court documents.

The charges were filed in Johnson County Circuit Court on April 9, and a warrant was issued for Washburn’s arrest.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office detectives monitor several local websites regarding prostitution. One such site,, is known to detectives to be utilized solely for prostitution, court documents said.

On Sept. 24, an undercover detective started a text conversation with a woman, later identified as Washburn, who he found on the site. She agreed to have sex with the him for $200 and bring him meth, according to court documents.

On Sept. 25, the undercover detective received a call from Washburn, who agreed to have intercourse with him and supply meth for $200, according to court documents. Comments made by the detective during the phone conversation made it clear Washburn was willing to have intercourse with him for money, court documents said.

Later that same day, another undercover detective posed as an Uber driver and picked up Washburn from her home in Indianapolis and transported her to an apartment in Greenwood. While en route, Washburn told that undercover detective she was an “escort” with goals of eventually becoming a “madam” to have other prostitutes work for her and make her money, according to court documents. She also voluntarily told the driver she was addicted to meth, marijuana and pills, court documents said.

Once she was dropped off at the Greenwood apartment where the other undercover detective was waiting, she entered the apartment, accepted the $200 cash and counted it, and pulled a small container of meth from her purse. She used a credit card to make two lines of meth on the dining room table, court documents said.

That’s when detectives revealed themselves and detained Washburn, according to court documents.

She told them she had been an “escort” for about three weeks, and listed what sex acts she offers and for how much. She said she had last participated in prostitution the day before, court documents said.

Detectives found the $200 they had given her, less than a gram of meth, a “small cut snort straw” and a condom in her purse.

Washburn is being held at the Johnson County jail on $2,000 bond.