Man charged for giving fake $50 bill to bartender

An Indianapolis man has been arrested and charged with counterfeiting for using a fake $50 bill at a restaurant and coffeehouse.

Antonio Lamont Cheatem attempted to pay for a drink at Chili’s Bar and Grill in Franklin using an altered $1 bill. While the bartender was making change for the bill, Cheatem asked for a water and then left the bar with his drink before driving away, according to a report from the Franklin Police Department.

Cheatem used both altered bills on Aug. 13, the second at a Starbucks in Edinburgh. He was arrested by a Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Deputy following the incident.

Both bills had the same serial number, according to the report.

Cheatem, 44, of 1305 S. Belmont Ave., is being held at the Johnson County jail without bond.