Hearts & Darts – December 9

Nikki Caudle


» Thank you to The Historic Artcraft Theatre employees and sponsors, who work hard to bring wonderful holiday memories to children and families near and far. Whether you make the naughty or nice list this season, classics like A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are sure to bring a laugh! Keep up the good work!

The Historic Artcraft Theatre

Daniel Wishard

» My six year old granddaughter, Grace Dunigan, attended a meet and greet with Santa at Toodleydo’s in Franklin.

From what her mother said, he was absolutely the most authentic and handsome Santa she had ever seen. The time he spent with each child was very individualized, lasting 15-20 minutes minimal. Ample time for many wonderful pictures and personal conversation.

When Santa asked Grace what she would like for Christmas, her reply caught him and the owner off guard. She said all she wanted was for each of her friends in Ms. Records first-grade class at Creekside Elementary School to receive a gift. My daughter-in-law, along with the owner of the store, teared up at her kindness. Grace is an only child, yet has the heart of an old soul.

Upon hearing her request, the owner gave Grace and her mother an entire box/case (retail $5 each!) of Disney scented pencils packed in tubes of three — totaling 24 individual gifts for her classmates. That generosity which enabled her wish to come true, was an experience she will long remember.

While we as adults get caught up in shopping, frazzled trying to find just the right gift and spending entirely too much money on things that will soon be forgotten; it’s these simple things that put the perspective of the season in place. Through the eyes of a child, we realize that it is truly better to give than to receive. I feel that Toodleydo’s should be commended.

Carolyn Dunigan