Police, Fire – January 20

<p><strong>Franklin</strong></p><p><strong>Theft</strong></p><p>390 block of Duane St.: A woman reported at 12:31 p.m. Thursday that someone entered her unlock vehicle and stole her wallet.</p><p><strong>Greenwood</strong></p><p><strong>Criminal mischief</strong></p><p>1200 block of O’Dell Lane: Reported at 2:24 p.m. Thursday criminal mischief.</p><p><strong>Fraud</strong></p><p>300 block of Camby St.: A man reported at 9:03 a.m. Thursday that someone was using his name and information in Miami, Florida.</p><p><strong>Thefts</strong></p><p><ul><li>1133 N. Emerson Ave., Walmart: Reported at 4:09 p.m. Thursday a woman was arrested for shoplifting.</li><li>1200 block of Freemont Lane: A vehicle theft was reported at 1:17 p.m. Thursday.</li><li>60 block of Trails End: A theft was reported at 9:59 a.m. Thursday.</li><li>500 block of Harmony Drive: A man reported at 8:09 a.m. Thursday that a backpack had been stolen from his locked vehicle.</li></ul></p><p><strong>Johnson County</strong></p><p><strong>Property-damage accidents</strong></p><p><ul><li>5:51 p.m. Thursday – County Road 900 N. and County Road 550 W., Greenwood</li><li>3:09 p.m. Thursday – State Road 44 W. and State Road 135, Franklin¬†</li></ul></p><p><strong>The following people were recently arrested and booked into the Johnson County jail:</strong></p><p>Justus Ira Woodcock, 27, 3990 S. Lynhurst Drive, Indianapolis; arrested on a charge of contempt; held on $600 bond.¬†</p><p>Le Tia S. Reynolds, 27, 4053 Graceland Ave., Indianapolis; arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court; held on $500 bond.</p><p>David S. Charters, 49, 3434 Golden Gate Drive N., Carmel; arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court; held on $500 bond.</p><p>Brandon Jon Jarvis, 47, 7620 Lowell Ave., Indianapolis; arrested on a charge of counterfeiting; held on $2,400 bond.</p><p>Robin L. Mills, 49, 2713 Reflection Way, Greenwood; arrested on a charge of theft; held on $1,000 bond.</p><p>Romel L. Turnage, 24, 6123 Robin Run, Indianapolis; arrested on a charge of probation violation; held on $500 bond.</p><p>Nathan A. Bullock, 30, 8048 Maple Stream Blvd., Indianapolis; arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court; held on $300 bond.</p><p>Alan R. Newsom, 56, 5041 W. Quincy Court, Columbus; arrested on a charge of probation violation; held on $500 bond.</p><p>Donovan R. Twitty, 21, 6519 Tampa Lane, Indianapolis; arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court; held on $500 bond.</p><p><strong>Marriage Licenses</strong></p><p>Serena Harris and Nicholas Dine both of Greenwood</p><p>Alexis Davis and Joseph Horgan both of Franklin</p><p>Tara Travis and Abel Jimenez both of Greenwood</p><p>Chelsea Culp of Franklin and Mark Denardin of Fishers</p><p>Leanna Ashley and Casey Mulligan both of Greenwood</p><p>Frank Kulhawick Jr. of Greenwood and Ariell Snethen of Brownsburg</p><p>Mallory Marsh and Zakary Weaver both of Dayton, Ohio</p><p>Stephanie Pigneri of Columbus and Tyler Houchin of Franklin</p><p>Enrique Sanchez and Angelica Gonzalez both of Greenwood</p><p>Karrissa Mobley and Jacob Dzelme both of Greenwood</p><p>Krista Luttrell and Brian Smith both of Needham</p><p>Robert Kleeman III of Greenwood and Johanna Cobb of Carmel</p><p>Destany Fannin and Cody Olmstead both of Franklin</p><p>Malkeet Kaur and Manpreet Lubana both of Franklin</p><p>Chelsey Wheeler and Cody Wakefield both of Greenwood</p><p>April Neher and Matthew Darland both of Greenwood</p><p>Amanda Hobson and Rodolfo Martinez both of Greenwood</p><p>Shawn Goodman of Greenwood and Sarah Royer of Franklin</p><p>Adam Pell and Morgan Mock both of Franklin</p><p>Yeohan Song and Pauline Kim both of Greenwood</p><p>Charles Waltz II and Stephanie Cespedes both of Franklin</p><p>Averie Shelley of Franklin and Chase Watts of Tabor City, North Carolina</p><p>Herschel Parr and Deanna Griggs both of Greenwood</p><p>Samantha Owen and Olivia Swickard both of Greenwood</p><p>Eleanor Alberico and Karl Sommer both of Greenwood</p><p>Angelica Foster of Scott AFB, Illinois and Alec Apparcel of Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio</p><p><strong>Johnson County Superior Court 1</strong></p><p>OneMain Financial Group v. Brian Kale, Nancy Cummings Kale</p><p>Midland Funding v. Thomas St. John</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Rosalie Ivey</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Ashley Hobbs</p><p>American Express National Bank v. G Powell</p><p>Discover Bank v. Monte Jordan</p><p>Discover Bank v. Sarah Duke</p><p>Midland Funding v. Victoria Fleener</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Melissa Northcutt</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Joseph Parsons</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Carmen Haines</p><p>Credit Acceptance Corp. v. Kelly Wilkins, Shawn Wilkins</p><p>Financial Center First Credit Union v. Tamara Mixon</p><p>Midland Funding v. Jada Tworek</p><p>Absolute Resolutions Investments v. Nicole Burch</p><p>Discover Bank c/o Discover Products Inc. v. Brett Robertson</p><p>OneMain Financial Group v. Patrick Carter</p><p>Financial Center First Credit Union v. Brett Thomas</p><p>Molina Concrete Construction Inc. v. Jayger Construction Group</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Andrea Brandow</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Amanda Hypes</p><p>Heights Finance Corporation v. James Wilson</p><p>SAC Finance Inc. v. Stephanie Blair</p><p>Discover Bank c/o Discover Products Inc. v. Diane Heaton</p><p>Discover Bank c/o Discover Products Inc. v. Brian Hee</p><p>Midland Funding v. Todd Weaver</p><p>Creditmax, Inc. v. Eric Hughes</p><p>Cavalry SPV I v. Craig McCarty</p><p>Midland Funding v. Deanna Witt-Trickle</p><p>Midland Funding v. Shawn Knight</p><p>Midland Funding v. Irma Romero</p><p>Capital One Bank v. Harmandeep Singh</p><p>Eagle Finance Company v. Amber Walton</p><p>Bank of America v. Chad Enger</p><p>Heights Finance Corporation v. Michael Sanders</p><p>Synchrony Bank v. Curtis Horner</p><p>Credit Corp Solutions Inc. v. Kimberly Steckman</p><p>Crown Asset Management v. Norbert Babauta</p><p>Eagle Finance Company v. Amy Napier</p><p>Franciscan Health Indianapolis v. Jeremy Brown</p><p>Franciscan Health Indianapolis v. Shannon Ambrose</p><p>Eagle Finance Company v. Jason Martin, Amanda Hammond</p><p>Mariner Finance v. John Bilbrey, Melissa Bilbrey</p><p>Mariner Finance v. Jeanne Dorothy</p><p>Mariner Finance v. Lisa Miller</p><p>Midland Funding v. Christopher Vance</p><p>Midland Funding v. Dana L. Pappas</p><p>Forum Credit Union v. Thomas Fox</p><p>Union Savings Bank v. Michael Neely</p><p>Franciscan Health Indianapolis v. Mitchell McDaniel</p><p>Franciscan Health Indianapolis v. Donnie Hensley</p><p>Citibank v. Adam Feasel</p><p>Credit Acceptance Crop. v. Jason Carey</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Cynthia Roberts</p><p>Phenix Investigations, Inc. v. PCS Wireless, Arora Nash, Arora Nash Charity Foundation</p><p>Jefferson Capital Systems v. Shirley Redifer</p><p>Jefferson Capital Systems v. Norma Johnson</p><p>Jefferson Capital Systems v.Judith Wolski</p><p>Cavalry SPV I, v. Abbey Cooper</p><p>Midland Funding v. Stephanie Phillips</p><p>Midland Funding v. Courtney Fisher</p><p>LVNV Funding v. Manny Perez</p><p>Midland Funding v. Brandon Cantrell</p><p>OneMain Financial Group v. Steven Brooks</p><p>Discover Bank c/o Discover Products Inc. v. Patrick Nesbit</p><p>Teachers Credit Union v. Jennifer Beverly</p><p>Synchrony Bank v. Thomas Lewis</p>