Woman pleads guilty to dealing drugs in front of child

<p>A Franklin woman will spend a year on home detention and multiple years of probation after she dealt drugs in front of a child.</p><p>Hannah Cearing pleaded guilty in January to charges of dealing a schedule III controlled substance in the presence of a child, a level 4 felony, and dealing a schedule III controlled substance, a level 5 felony.</p><p>Johnson County Circuit Court Judge Andy Roesener accepted the plea agreement and also sentenced Cearing to six years on the level 4 dealing charge, with one on home detention/GPS monitoring and the other five suspended to probation. On the level 5 dealing charge, she received a three year sentence, with one year of home detention and two years probation. The sentences will run concurrent.</p><p>The plea agreement specified that Cearing would plead guilty to both counts of dealing, said Joe Villanueva, Johnson County prosecutor. </p><p>Cearing must also pay $80 in restitution to the Franklin Police Department for money used in the drug deal, Villanueva said. </p><p>Both charges stem from a week in August 2019 when she dealt pain pills on two separate occasions.</p><p>Police gathered evidence that Cearing sold pills twice in August. A child witnessed the deal on one occasion, according to court documents.</p><p>Franklin detectives began an investigation after receiving a tip that Cearing may be selling drugs in the presence of a child.</p>