Hearts & Darts – June 29


The employees of Superior Liquors 1 and 2 and also Bob-O Link Liquors would like to send out a thank you to the owner and CEO for his planning and hard work to keep his employees working during the COVID-19 pandemic. These have been trying times for him and his business to stay open and keep everyone safe and not missing a paycheck. THANK YOU for caring about your employees.

Ryan Wallace

Hearts to Dr. Pat Spray, Superintendent of Clark-Pleasant Schools. From the beginning of this pandemic, he has been in the trenches with our food service staff, assembling meals and assisting with meal distribution to families in our community. We really appreciate Dr. Spray’s support of our meal programs and have thoroughly enjoyed working side by side with him. Thank you also to the many other staff and community members who have made our delivery service possible.

Kim Combs

Food Service Director, Clark-Pleasant Community Schools

On Thursday, I was in drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts in Greenwood. When it was my turn to pay, the server told me the person ahead of me paid for my coffee (extra large). All I remember is the car in front of me was a white car. Thanks so much for making my day, a particular bittersweet day as it would have been my late husband’s 70th birthday. The coffee never tasted so sweet.

Karen Hardin