Hearts & Darts – August 3


I would like to send a heart to the Indiana Adult Day Care Center on Shelby Street for providing the opportunity to receive meals, crafts, activity sheets, and Facebook activities each day since this virus started. This has made our days at home much easier.

Jim and Ann Morrison

The Kiwanis Club of Franklin would like to express Sincere Thanks to the 4-H participants, families and friends who stopped by the Food Booth during the 4-H activities at the fairgrounds the week of July 19. Your support helps the club with projects in the community.

Also donations of $191 were collected to support Fast Track School Supplies. Thanks again and the club looks forward to seeing everyone hopefully next year!!

Pam Garner

Secretary, Kiwanis Club of Franklin



The week of July 5 we were without power on three separate occasions. Each time the wind blows or it rains, we seem to lose power. Franklin is too progressive a community to allow such sub-standard service.

Donna Kuehl