Police, Fire – March 8

<p><strong>Greenwood</strong></p><p><strong>Personal-injury accident</strong></p><p>12:55 p.m. Wednesday Р5911 State Road 135 N. Robin Scoggan, 43, Trafalgar. Scoggan reported having pain and injury to her elbow/lower arm.</p><p><strong>Property-damage accidents</strong></p><p><ul><li>3:30 a.m. Friday Р180 Bartram Parkway</li><li>8:35 p.m. Thursday РU.S. 31 S. and Smith Valley Road</li><li>7:19 p.m. Thursday РState Road 135 S. and Smith Valley Road</li><li>10:28 a.m. Thursday РSmith Valley Road and Executive Park Drive</li></ul></p><p><strong>Johnson County</strong></p><p><strong>Theft</strong></p><p>1125 W. Jefferson St., Johnson Memorial Hospital: A woman reported at 12:39 p.m. Thursday that her catalytic converter had been stolen from her vehicle.</p><p><strong>The following people were recently arrested and booked into the Johnson County jail:</strong></p><p>David Michael Thomas Jr., 30, 5055 Emerson Court S. Drive, Indianapolis; arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court; held on $245.50 bond.</p><p>Angela M. Bowser, 40, 352 Clark St., Franklin; arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court; released on $500 bond.</p><p>Shane A. Ping, 22, 470 E. Pearl St., Greenwood; arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court; released on $300 bond.</p><p>Michael D. Lyster, 41, 1102 S. Franklin Road, Lot 79, Indianapolis; arrested on a charge of manufacture/dealing methamphetamine; held on $6,500 bond.</p><p>Tressa D. Deines, 24, 1812 Woodbine Drive, Anderson; arrested on charges of possession of cocaine or narcotic drug, possession of marijuana/hash oil/hashish/salvia and bond forfeiture; held without bond.</p><p>Steven Scott Thompson, 36, 1682 Burton Lane, Martinsville; arrested on a warrant for failure to appear in court; held on $350 bond.</p><p>Brandon William Hockman, 46, homeless, Indianapolis; arrested on warrants for failure to appear in court; held on $1,000 bond.</p><p><strong>Dissolutions of Marriage</strong></p><p>Shawna Beauchot v. Daniel Beauchot</p><p>Kristina Redman v. James Redman</p><p>Kayla Knue v. Aaron Knue</p><p>Thian Fook v. Jumi Uk</p><p>Dusty Burton v. Tiffany Martin</p><p>Kimberly Thompson v. Daniel Thompson</p><p>Crystal Marcum v. Mitchael Marcum</p><p>Ashley Allender-Rybolt v. David Allender-Rybolt</p><p>William Rees v. Erin Rees</p><p>Victoria Salinas v. Justin Salinas</p><p>Susan Bryant v. Jackie Bryant</p><p>Larry Buck v. Cynthia Buck</p><p>Kimberly Greensburg v. Charles Greensburg</p><p>Heather Karbley v. Paul Karbley</p><p>Franck Djehi v. Bonnie Djehi</p><p>Joanie Butler v. George Butler</p><p>Kirstin Mitchell v. Rabeh Boudia</p><p>Alyson Miller v. Paul Miller</p><p>Gerald Goforth v. Stacey Goforth</p><p>Sarah Knight v. John Knight</p><p>Daniel Webb v. Terri Webb</p><p>Gursimran Dhanda v. Harinder Singh</p><p>Misty Reed v. Joshua Reed</p><p>Casey Swallows v. Nicholas Swallows</p><p>Sarah Deming v. David Deming</p><p>Amy McInteer v. Samuel McInteer</p><p>Melissa Wise Donald Wise</p><p>Michael Woods v. Michelle Woods</p><p>Marta Foster v. Robert Foster</p><p>Annette Young v. David Young</p><p>William Lang v. Amanda Lang</p><p>Penny Shepherd v. Zachary Shepherd</p><p>Jamie Wilder v. Clayton Wilder</p><p>Keisha Hardy v. Mark Hardy</p><p>Jessica Hall v. Joshua Hall</p><p>Christopher Wright v. Stacy Wright</p><p>Lucas Hazelwood v. Angela Hazelwood</p><p>Cassandra Woolwine v. Mark Morgan</p><p>Ryan Macy v. Whitney Macy</p><p>Nicholas Glover v. Frankesha Glover</p><p>Ibis Soler v. Peter Vega</p><p>Patricia Hughes v. Stephen Hughes</p><p>Joshua Alexander v. Ashley Alexander</p><p>Diem Nguyen v. Doanh Nguyen</p><p>Sarah Hendricks v. Chad Hendricks</p><p>Jennifer Wade v. David Stevenson</p><p>Leonardo Medina v. Joseph Valencia</p><p><strong>Johnson County Superior Court</strong></p><p>Capital One Bank v. Adam Cox</p><p>Capital One Bank v. Chip Murphy</p><p>Cavalry SPV I as assignee of Department Stores National Bank v. Jack Hustave</p><p>Cavalry SPV I as assignee of Citibank v. David Phelps</p><p>Capital One Bank v. Hubert Attobra</p><p>Capital One Bank v. John Barker</p><p>Midland Credit Management v. Dallas Bowman</p><p>Midland Credit Management v. Michael Hausdorfer</p><p>Capital One Bank v. Joseph Hogarth</p><p>Capital One Bank v. Michael Segi</p><p>Absolute Resolutions Investments v. Kristin Burns</p><p>Midland Credit Management v. Brayton Wilson</p><p>Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Paige Settles</p><p>American Express National Bank v. Lucille Bartley</p><p>OneMain Financial Group v. Angela Snider, David Snider</p><p>Eagle Finance Company v. Cody Wilson</p>