Letter: Are Young and Braun cowards, traitors?

<p><strong>To the editor:</strong></p><p>Two letters to the editor of the Daily Journal were published on Feb. 18 regarding (at the time) President Donald J. Trump encouraging and leading groups of supporters to attack our country’s capitol Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C.</p><p>Trump’s encouragement came from his insidious lying about the result of our 2020 Presidential Election. One letter questioned the mental stability of the GOP both in Washington and our statehouse, while the other letter asked our senators to &quot;stand up courageously&quot; and denounce the lies that resulted in the worst ever internal attack against our country. Trump was impeached for his actions by the House of Representatives, but thanks to our cowardly senators and others was acquitted by the Senate. What a disgraceful act.</p><p>Weeks later, situations have grown worse. Now, Sen. Todd Young, an ex-Marine, wants to run for reelection in 2022. He now claims he lived up to his oath. In fact, he disgraced his military service record by allowing our corrupt and always lying president to lead an attack against his and our country, and voted for his acquittal. He pledged (on a bible) to follow our Constitution to protect our country. Throughout his first term as senator, he encouraged the constant lying and misbehavior of Trump. To this day, Trump and our two senators support the lies that our election was fraudulent, but no such evidence exists.</p><p>America has had its bad days including Pearl Harbor and 9-11. Both of those days were attacks by foreign enemies. This was an attack by internal militia groups encouraged by America’s most corrupt and unlawful president.</p><p>During Trump’s term, our two senators stood by and violated their oath of office, and elected to protect the daily liar. Now, Young wants to run for reelection. Indiana has had excellent senators in the past, but not anymore. Young even stood by without comment when Trump called him a fool for volunteering to join the military. Sen. Mike Braun is a hopeless situation. We are stuck with him until 2025.</p><p>Two questions remain: Are Young and Braun cowards? Are Young and Braun traitors?</p><p><p><strong>Richard DeTorre</strong></p><p><p><strong>Greenwood</strong></p>