Letter: ‘For the People Act’ would render talk radio useless

To the editor:

Like millions of other patriots I mourn the loss of Rush Limbaugh. To the degree we still have a constitutionally based system, we owe much of it to Rush (and perhaps Donald Trump).

Rush’s daily broadcast gave us hope, held the powerful accountable, revealed media bias, cleared the fog between truth and propaganda and made the complex simple. He kept us in the fight. But he’s gone now and we’re left to wonder if conservative talk radio won’t soon follow. Not because his slot can’t be filled but because the die was cast even before Rush passed; it was cast the day the Democrats took control of the government — all of it.

Rush, and in fairness others, constantly reminded us that no matter how bad things seemed we still had the ballot box. We could still organize, mobilize and vote political dredges out of office. Rush taught and reminded us how to do that. The problem is he reminded the Democrats, too.

Now, via H.R. 1, ironically labeled the “For the People Act,” the Democrats are moving to cut off and destroy the last clear path the people had to make their voices heard. If the Democrats push that through (and they likely will) it will strip the states of their constitutionally guaranteed right to conduct elections according to their own constitutions and federalize the entire election process. This will effectively and forever ensure one party rule — theirs.

H.R. 1 is the most egregious and diabolical power grab in American history and it will render talk radio useless. Why? Because while talk radio will still be a platform to air your grievances regarding how we are and will be governed, there won’t be a damn thing you can do about it. H.R. 1 gives Democrats every power they need to control political debate, crush dissenting opinion and manipulate the vote to a predictable outcome.

Once this happens, our only recourse will be to fight it in the Supreme Court for the Constitutional crisis that it is, but even those chances look faint. The Democrats have already signaled their willingness to stack SCOTUS and place it under their control as well. Once that happens, separation of powers will be an illusion. The Democrats will own every branch of government and control every bureaucrat within it.

You’ll still be able to call and complain, but nothing more.

Mike Pflum