Hearts & Darts – April 5

<p><strong>Heart</strong></p><p>Hearts to Johnson Memorial Hospital on their very well organized professional approach to administering the COVID-19 vaccine shots this week. Very impressed. Thank you so much.</p><p><p><strong>Nick Johnson</strong></p><p><p><strong>Greenwood</strong></p><p><strong>Heart</strong></p><p>Hearts to the Johnson County Highway Department. I have contacted them several times about different potholes, and every time the holes are filled within a day or two. Great job, people. </p><p><p><strong>John Clevenger</strong></p><p><p><strong>New Whiteland</strong></p><p><strong>Dart</strong></p><p>Darts to law enforcement officers who refuse to obey the mask mandate. You are paid to serve and protect the families in our community, not disserve and infect. Your laziness and selfishness is inexcusable. </p><p><p><strong>John Clevenger</strong></p><p><p><strong>New Whiteland</strong></p>