Letter: My thoughts on voting rights: Enough is enough

<p><strong>To the editor:</strong></p><p>My thoughts are not based upon politics but are focused on doing the right thing and what can happen when a political party chooses one individual over the freedom for all of a country.</p><p>Here are questions to ponder. Is placing further burden on voting rights truly a path to peace? Does it help end, or does it add more fuel to the fires of racism? Does racism exist in us or our community; and do we simply close our eyes?</p><p>This is simply what my eyes are seeing and what is stirring my head and heart. As America has been respected by the world as the leader in humanity and democracy, this is not about politics, it is about doing the right thing, not to restrict voters’ rights but to protect and help all people to register and vote, of all ages, race and physical conditions, from all neighborhoods.</p><p>Enough is enough and I am sickened. After growing up through the racism and marches for civil and equal rights of the ‘60s, my heart is broken over the travesty and racism, as though going backwards decades. Georgia’s voting law passed and 43 more states are trying to do the same.</p><p>It seems blatant that the main purpose and agenda of a political party for the next four years is and will be, through all the challenges and struggles and loss of Americans, to hurt and limit our current leader in every way possible — and to put party politics to support ‘one former leader over caring and working together to help all Americans.’</p><p>A sad, sad day in what we call American Democracy, as the world looks up to America with hope and as the leader of the world in freedom, democracy and humanity. It also opens a door and fuels another dangerous fire for countries with limited freedoms, to justify the means by which they limit and harm their own people. Simply my thoughts, but perhaps something that all might ponder.</p><p><p><strong>Victoria Neesen</strong></p><p><p><strong>Greenwood</strong></p>