Letter: Rescue act helps breaks cycles of injustice, poverty

<p><strong>To the Editor:</strong></p><p>The American Rescue Plan Act is aimed at breaking the cycle of injustice and poverty.</p><p>This package is primed not only to rescue the country from the devastating effects of COVID 19, but rebuild the economy more equitably. The forces of racism and oppression drive poverty and injustice.</p><p>The expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) are two examples of how good legislation can result in a generational leap in our fight against poverty.</p><p>It is estimated that these expansions (included in the ARPA) can lift almost 50% of children out of poverty. That is an astounding accomplishment and a &quot;revolution in child aid&quot; (as stated in the New York Times).</p><p>Growing up impoverished not only causes constant mental stress, but in the long run causes physical illness, and a greater chance of living in poverty as an adult. The tax credits, along with stability in housing (expanding Housing Choice Vouchers), can help break the cycle of poverty, which leads to economic opportunity, better employment, better education and better health. It is economically sound policy to have individuals fully participate as productive members of society.</p><p>It is our duty as a country, as a society, to do everything we can to not waste this human potential; to not let children’s’ future be stunted because of lack of opportunity caused by poverty. I urge our Senators Young and Braun, and my Representative Hollingsworth to make these tax credits permanent in any recovery legislation. We need lasting change.</p><p><p><strong>Diane Lindley</strong></p><p><p><strong>Needham</strong></p>