Unemployment rate up slightly

Johnson County’s unemployment rate saw a slight increase in May, going to 3.3% from the April rate of 3.1%.

Despite the increase, May’s rate was significantly better than the 9.6% jobless rate in May 2020, when many businesses were closed or limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures.

Of 92 Indiana counties, just 22 had lower unemployment rates than Johnson County in May. The county’s jobless rate is also lower than the state’s rate of 4.5%.

Overall, nearly 80,500 Johnson County residents had jobs last month, and more than 2,700 members of the eligible workforce did not.

The data comes from a monthly report released by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, which tracks unemployment.

For the second consecutive month, Adams County, in northeastern Indiana, had the lowest unemployment rate at 2.5%. For the third consecutive month, Lake County, in northwestern Indiana, had the highest rate at 8.3%.