Evanescence, Halestorm double up on rock riffs for new tour

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Evanescence and Halestorm will bring double dose of rock to arenas this fall on their joint tour, an idea that sprang up after both bands had to take a year off touring because of the pandemic.

The U.S. tour, which starts on Nov. 5, brings together lead singers Amy Lee of Evanescence and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, who have been friends since their first tour together in 2012. Some of the stops include Seattle, Las Vegas, Detroit and Duluth, Georgia.

“It’s cool because our audiences, they like each other,” said Lee in a joint interview with Hale. “They fit really well together naturally, so it’s just cool to bring that big group of people together.”

“Talk about getting exactly what you wanted after not having what you want for so long,” chimed in Hale.

The two Grammy-winning rock bands have spent much of 2020 working on new music, with Evanescence releasing “The Bitter Truth,” the band’s first record of original material in a decade. Halestorm has also been hard at work in the studio, using the downtime to create.

Lee and Hale also both live in Nashville, Tennessee, when they aren’t touring the world. Their friendship bloomed on that first tour, especially when the two would hit the karaoke bars.

“When you go on tour with another band, the tradition is that you have to sing the other person’s song and embarrass them and make sure that everyone can hear it up very loud,” Lee said with a laugh.

Hale said that about half the time, she doesn’t get recognized when she’s singing karaoke, but she does get compliments from unknowing bar patrons.

“It’s kind of fun to go up and sing a song and then have like these moms that watch ‘American Idol,’ say like, ‘You should sign up!’” said Hale. “And then I’m like, yeah, momma’s still got it, alright!”

The two singers admit to some pre-tour nerves since they’ve been off the road for longer than expected. Lee said she has the added challenge of incorporating new songs into the set they haven’t played live very much. “All this time off has been good for our voices,” said Lee. “But it’s also something where we need to warm it up a little bit.”

They also promise fans some special collaborative moments on the tour. They’ve recorded together recently, with Lee joining in on Halestorm’s “Break In” and Hale adding her background vocals to Evanescence’s “Use My Voice.”

“I feel really equally matched, like when we sing together,” said Lee. “It’s like a dance partner. It’s like we’re able to do stuff together that feels really special and rare.”

Hale said playing again for tens of thousands of fans after the live music industry was decimated by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions will feel different than other tour she’s done.

“It’s going to be a different world, but I think we’re going to appreciate it more now and not take any of it for granted, which is good,” said Hale.






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