Tons of trash removed from town during its first clean-up day

New Whiteland disposed of 5.4 tons of garbage during the town’s first-ever clean-up day.

Residents brought items to East Park, where a truck collected electronics, a dumpster was used for metal and appliances, and large metal bins collected other trash items. They were invited to dispose of things such as steel, furniture, appliances and refrigerators.

Whiteland Town Council members expressed their excitement about the event’s impact during their most recent town council meeting.

“I think it was a huge success for the first time,” said Maribeth Alspach, the town’s clerk-treasurer.

Residents brought unwanted items and trash from their own properties to dispose of it, filling more than three dumpsters with waste materials.

Technology Recyclers also collected electronics and televisions, but for a fee. The council said this was helpful to residents, since the nearest place to recycle technology is on the northside of Indianapolis.

The council plans to continue the event next year, but may move it to the fall when the weather is cooler.

“It’s historic,” council member Scott Alspach said.

The town spent about $1,500 on the event, and the council agreed the expense was worth it. It won’t cost as much next year because many of the items bought for the event may be reused, such as the volunteer t-shirts and signs. The event was advertised through paper utility bills and flyers.

Hopefully word-of-mouth makes next year’s event even bigger, Maribeth Alspach said.

Princes Lakes and Morgantown do similar clean-up events.