Reshma Saujani’s book ‘Pay Up’ urges support for mothers

NEW YORK — The founder of the non-profit organization Girls Who Code has a book coming out about helping women who raise children, with suggestions including government aid and a more compassionate workplace.

Reshma Saujani’s “Pay Up” will be published in March 2022 by One Signal Publisher/Atria Books.

“Motherhood in America is broken, and we need a plan to fix it,” Saujani said in a statement Wednesday. “I wrote ‘Pay Up’ because mothers are tired of being America’s social safety net and working for free. And we know that equity in the workplace will only be accomplished when there is equity at home. I want women to see themselves and their worth in this book and it provides a guidepost on what we can do to bring about change on a structural, cultural and personal level.”

Earlier this year, Saujani placed an advertisement in The New York Times, with co-signers including the actors Julianne Moore and Charlize Theron, urging President Joe Biden to pass a “Marshall Plan for Moms” that called for mothers to receive $2,400 monthly checks for unpaid labor at home. For her book, Saujani interviewed hundreds of women, and also shares her story of “waking up to the notion that overwork is a path to burnout, unhappiness, and rage,” according to One Signal.

Her previous books include “Girls Who Code” and “Brave, Not Perfect.”