Threats prompt increased police presence at Franklin schools

Police determined that rumored threats made against two Franklin schools were not credible, but increased police presence around the schools just in case.

Additional police officers were stationed at Franklin Community High School and Franklin Community Middle School Thursday, and will be today as well.

Franklin Community Schools sent a letter to parents after 7 a.m. Thursday, after the rumors were reported to the school and Franklin police Wednesday evening.

Franklin Police Chief Kirby Cochran issued a statement about 9 a.m. Thursday saying the threats were investigated, but not credible.

“We take all school threats seriously and are grateful for all who took the time and opportunity to call in with information. The safety of our students and teachers is of paramount importance,” Cochran said in the statement.

Police heard about the rumor after it was five or six times removed from the source. Police investigated it by speaking with individuals who had knowledge of the rumor until they reached the source, he said.

Police learned students were discussing several fights at school recently, and it escalated to, “what if someone brought a gun to school?” Other students overheard the conversation, and the rumor spread from there, Cochran said.

Still, police and school officials encourage the public to continue reporting potential threats.

“We are grateful to those who reported these rumors as student safety is our No. 1 priority,” the school’s letter to parents says.

Threats should be reported to the school that is impacted and the Franklin Police Department’s non-emergency line at 317-346-6336.