Letter: Reader supports Villanueva for prosecutor

To the Editor:

I would like to write in support of Joe Villanueva for prosecutor. I first met him and his family a few years ago at a church we both attended. My husband (now deceased) and I saw him in real life as a man of integrity and purpose. He and his family were always there to be an active part of church life as well as a hands-on help for projects, repairs, etc.

It is very much a positive that he has a good working relationship with law enforcement as they deal with ongoing and longstanding problems of society in general and Johnson County in particular. Gathering and determining the facts in order to make good decision before definitive action, often takes time. Many will recall that he became prosecutor under circumstances that required patience and integrity.

I believe that Joe Villanueva has shown us that he has the knowledge, temperament and transparency to continue as prosecutor.

Nancy Gilliland