Purdie wins nomination to New Whiteland council

New Whiteland voters chose to retain incumbent town council member John Purdie in the Republican primary.

Purdie, a banker, won with 54% and challenger Derek Cox, a Whiteland police officer, fell short with 45% of the vote.

Purdie replaced Scott Alspach on the council in a January caucus and will now serve an elected term on the council.

So far, no Democrat challenger has filed to run for town council, though there is still time in the coming months for the party to slate one.

As banker, Purdie said he brings skills to the council that will help guide the town forward on a good path for growth.

“We’ve lived in New Whiteland for 25 years and it is a wonderful community. What I’m interested in is seeing that New Whiteland remains a terrific place to live and raise kids,” Purdie told the Daily Journal earlier this year. “I think some of the things in my experience and my work background lend themselves well to the position. I’ve been banking for between 30 and 35 years, and I’ve been in senior management at Citizens for six years. I’m the chief credit officer so that means I’m in charge of all the lending functions — consumer mortgage, commercial and the things that go along with that. I’m comfortable supervising people. I’m involved in budgeting on an annual basis, spending decisions, strategic decisions and I’m fairly comfortable with HR decisions.”

In his role, he plans to keep an open mind about growth in the town, but said that growth should be planned appropriately.

“I would like to see more growth in housing. Like in many of the communities around, you have to be careful about where those homes go. I think planned growth is important,” Purdie said. “I would absolutely like to see more businesses grow in New Whiteland. There’s certainly room for that on (U.S.) 31. The council can be careful and deliberative when requests come to us. No. 1 is to make sure the growth that comes to us is well thought out and placed. But I also think the town council has to have an open mind and be willing to say this growth, even if it may not be what in my opinion is the ideal growth, is positive for the town.”

As of now, no Democrat has filed to run against Purdie in the general election.

How you voted

Derek Cox: 45%

John Purdie: 54%