Letter: Reader questions Biden drilling policies

To the Editor:

A few thoughts regarding how real world realities can upend misguided and sacrosanct U.S. policies that are clearly out of touch with reality. I’m referring to President Joe Biden’s recent policy decision to actually allow private fossil fuel energy production to be leased on federal properties. This in response to politically damaging high fuel prices—caused in part by the despicable, criminal Russian assault on the sovereign nation of Ukraine. There are many documented and realistic reasons to oppose Biden’s misguided 2020 campaign promise that renewable energy sources will soon displace any US need for additional fossil fuel production—a contention that flies in the face of an indisputable argument that the US does have the future need and capability of achieving overall energy independence.

The Russian assault on the sovereign nation of Ukraine is totally indefensible, but in a crazy and confused world it just may have had an unanticipated positive effect on US energy policy.

David A. Nealy