Cold Stone Creamery reopens after second crash into building

Greenwood ice cream shop reopened this month after three months of repairs following a crash into the building.

Cold Stone Creamery, located in the Greendale Centre strip mall at 789 U.S. 31, was closed for about three months after a SUV crashed into the ice cream shop late February. According to police, the driver of the SUV was moving the vehicle from one parking spot to another when his foot got stuck on the accelerator. That caused the SUV to drive over the sidewalk and into the restaurant, shattering a glass wall. The accident sent four people to the hospital.

This is the second accident where a vehicle drove into Cold Stone Creamery. In January 2019, a driver accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, which propelled her vehicle into the building. There was no one injured during this accident but the vehicle did damage the block and brick of the building, according to a Greenwood police report on the accident.

When Cold Stone reopened on June 2, owner Helen Zhang, was more than ready to serve the Greenwood community again.

“We are happy that our store is back open to serve our customers and want to send a big ‘thank you’ to the Greenwood community for their patience as we repaired our store,” Zhang said in an email.

During the February accident, the SUV struck glass wall of the shop and the counter where customers order. The accident’s impact pushed the counter forward which caused damages to a far wall and adjacent internal structures, Zhang said.

The repairs took longer than expected because of different factors including supply chain and labor shortages. There was a lot of glass repair, countertop work, tile work, cabinetry work and much more, Zhang said.

With all the repairs and having the store closed for a few months, didn’t stop Zhang from continuing to give back to the community.

“During the rebuilding process, we donated all our ice cream and cakes to a local veterans organization and fire stations to help support our community,” Zhang said. “Many of our regular customers told us they missed us, so we’re thrilled to be back open for business and welcome our entire community to stop by and get some ice cream.”

Zhang and her employees are ready to sell ice cream to everyone that comes in Cold Stone Creamery. Zhang is excited to see all her regular and new customers come by to purchase a sweet treat.

“To small, local businesses in our community, as a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to keep small businesses busy and productive,” Zhang said.

Cold Stone Creamery is ready for a busy summer and the shop is expected to be open daily, Zhang said.