Reader responds to Krull column

To the Editor:

The John Krull column printed on June 20, regarding Mitch Daniels has much truth, however his dialog concerning former President Donald Trump really misses.

I voted for Trump only because he was the last man standing in 2016 and 2020 that came close to representing my social and political views. But I was really surprised that he was true to his intent, if not his word, as to getting the things done that he said he would. He was let down immensely early in his presidency by the old guard Republicans in Congress when they failed to get a bill to him for repeal/rewriting of ObamaCare. Yes, Trump has big mouth and a lot of rhetoric which causes me to cringe at times. However, he gets and understands the economy, trade, wars, and the borders.

My real beef is with old guard Republicans. They tried at every turn to make Trump unsuccessful. They are full of themselves and the power that they think they possess. They are about themselves, while the constituents who elected them are a distant second or third. Unless they can make money for themselves from a policy or legislation any decent action from them is nil. For them, the highest priority is filling their coffers. This is true for both old guard Republicans and Democrats.

I wonder, is there anyone in Congress who has been there more than 10 years that hasn’t multiplied their or their family’s wealth many times over?

Any fair man who is elected, meaning someone whose agenda is about helping the country and its people, will not be successful unless they kiss the old guard’s behind, so to speak. Good Luck to a man like Mitch Daniels. Fighting for the people between the press, social media and old guard would be a battle that he would likely lose in Washington.

As for Trump, I would vote for him if there is no other choice from the Republican primary. Seems like in Indiana, the Republican nominee will already be decided by the time we get to vote, like in 2016.

Eric Faulkner