Docs: Bargersville man molested New Whiteland preteen

A Bargersville man is facing a child molestation charge after prosecutors say he molested a New Whiteland preteen in 2020.

Roy Allen Dunn, 53, was charged with child molestation, a Level 4 felony, in Johnson County Circuit Court on Sept. 16.

The investigation into Dunn began on Aug. 2 after officers with the New Whiteland Police Department spoke with a woman who alleged that Dunn had molested her child. The woman said that while her child was living with Dunn, he had fondled them while they were modeling dresses for him. At the time of the incident, which took place in August 2020, the child was between the ages of 12-13, according to a probable cause affidavit.

During an interview last month, the child told investigators that they were at home with a sibling by themselves when Dunn stopped by to check on them. He stopped by to check on them at the woman’s request, the affidavit says.

The child told Dunn about some dresses they had recently received after returning from a trip to Florida, and he asked them to try the dresses on. The child did so, and when they showed him the last dress, they said they would probably send the dress back, the affidavit says.

Dunn allegedly told the child he liked the dress. As the child moved toward their bedroom, he allegedly grabbed their wrist, preventing them from leaving the kitchen. The child turned to face him and Dunn allegedly pulled the top of their dress down, exposing their chest. He then allegedly grabbed their chest and stared at the child before he eventually stopped, according to the affidavit.

The child then went to the bedroom to change, locking the door behind them because they were feeling unsafe. When they returned to the living room where their sibling was, Dunn came into the room and sat with them for a few minutes before he left, the affidavit said.

The child also told investigators about an incident in Shelby County. Dunn is currently facing charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and child seduction, both Level 5 felonies, in Shelby County Circuit Court. These charges were filed on Aug. 19.

Detectives with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department interviewed Dunn on Aug. 16, and he was asked about the New Whiteland incident. Dunn allegedly told investigators that the child was showing him dresses that were “too revealing” for his taste. He then allegedly said that the child was having trouble unzipping one dress and that they had asked him to help them unzip it, according to the affidavit.

Dunn allegedly said that when he did this, the shoulder strap of the dress fell off of the child’s shoulder, exposing their chest. He then allegedly began to rub the child’s shoulder and arm, and later admitted to touching their chest, the affidavit said.

Detectives later asked why he did this, and Dunn allegedly said he didn’t know why. He also allegedly said that after the child left to get changed he stayed in the kitchen, the affidavit said.

Dunn was arrested on a warrant on Wednesday evening, and his bond was set at $1,200. An initial hearing in the Johnson County case has not been set, but a pretrial hearing is set for Oct. 6 in the Shelby County case.