Walker secures reelection for Indiana Senate District 41

Republican incumbent Sen. Greg Walker fended off a challenge to retain an Indiana Senate seat he’s held for the last 16 years.

Walker, who has represented District 41 since 2006, won 72.4% of votes in Johnson County. Democrat Bryan Muñoz, a teacher from Columbus, garnered 30.8% votes locally.

While final numbers were not available for the overall district — which encompasses the majority of Johnson County and all of Bartholomew County — Walker was ahead of Muñoz at press time.

Walker, a retired consultant, ran for reelection because he saw more work was needing to be done for the state. Last month, he told the Daily Journal he felt lawmakers did an inadequate job of expanding the role of healthcare and he had plans to address that if given another term.

He said one of his best qualities is that he’s developed a thick skin, which is important as there are times when people are opposed to his ideas.

“You have to learn how to let those things go over your head and not react in a spiteful or revengeful way,” he said last month.

For the state’s next biennial budget session, Walker believes officials should prioritize human services, address health care costs and expand mental health care.

When asked about the state’s abortion law passed during a special session this summer, Walker told the Daily Journal he didn’t think the issue was settled. There is a lot of room for tweaking and adjusting the law, he said.