Letter to the Editor: ‘Our work is not done’

To the Editor:

I continue to learn so much in my civic and political volunteer journey. They aren’t the election numbers we wanted to see but this is about more than numbers. Our party is always about the people. The beautiful people we gave choices to on the ballot. The caring people who stepped up and ran to offer those choices. The loving people, partners and friends who gave their time and money to support us this election season. And the 200+ dedicated poll workers from both parties who ensured a secure and fair election for all of us in this county.

As we look forward, I challenge you – all of us – not to give up. We are giving voices to those who are not represented in places of power, and we’re holding those in power accountable. As the current minority party, our work is not done. That’s a working democracy.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and keep working for the people.

“People speak of hope as if it is this delicate, ephemeral thing made of whispers and spider’s webs. It is not. Hope has dirt on her face, blood on her knuckles, the grit of the cobblestone in her hair, and just spat out a tooth as she rises for another go.” – Author Unknown


Amanda Stevenson-Holmes

Chair, Johnson County Democratic Party