Letter to the Editor: Bring Trump to justice

To the Editor:

While, like millions of other people, I would like to see former President Donald Trump thoroughly disappear I disagree with James Curry’s position that the federal and state governments should avoid prosecuting him to the fullest extent for the crimes he has committed against this nation, both on federal and state levels.

A nation is made of the citizens that inhabit it. And Trump committed one atrocity after another against the citizens of this nation. Starting with those who died as victims of hate crimes once Trump brought the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and fascists out into the light to those who died needlessly in the pandemic due to his utter refusal to do one thing to help prepare this nation to those who died in our capitol trying to protect this nation from an ex-president who tried to overthrow our government and corruptly seize power.

We claim to be a nation of laws. Trump broke and continues to break one law after another. We recite the words “with liberty and justice for all” in our pledge of allegiance to this nation. Those whose lives were lost or destroyed because of Trump deserve justice. This nation that was assaulted and abused by Trump deserves justice.

He is a criminal who was given the trust of millions of Americans to serve this nation faithfully and he betrayed them non-stop; ultimately committing treason against this nation as a whole. Yet, despite how thoroughly sick of Trump a majority of us are, he still should not get away with crimes because he wears us down with his relentless obnoxiousness.

Not only is it dangerous to allow him to “just go away,” but it is also deeply unjust to those who died as a result of his actions.

To be divided is not ideal and it is sad for those who never wanted to be at odds with their fellow countrymen. But we will not be united by shying away from a duty to defend and uphold our laws for the sake of peace and quiet. Bring Trump and all those who aided and abetted him — including any elected official who participated in any way with his attempt to overthrow our government — to full hard justice. Otherwise, what is to stop this from happening again?

Lisa Voiles