Haggard gun privacy bill moves to full House

A bill authored by freshman State Rep. Craig Haggard, R-Mooresville, to limit the information released to the federal government from handgun permits passed out of the committee Wednesday.

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee approved House Bill 1323 and sent it to the full House for consideration. The bill, whose three co-authors include State Rep. Michelle Davis, R-Whiteland, would only allow information from a carry permit holder or a person applying for a permit to be released to the federal government if they are part of an active criminal investigation or arrested for a crime, keeping the information released to a minimum, according to a statement from his office.

After a change in law approved last year, handgun carry permits are not required in Indiana for anyone over 18 as long they don’t have an exemption which is included in the law. Though they don’t have to, Hoosiers can still choose to apply for a five-year or lifetime permit, which includes submitting an application with personal information and fingerprints. The process and fees to apply for a permit would not be changed by this law in its current form.

The bill is aimed to keep private information private, Haggard said in a statement on the bill.

“Law-abiding Hoosiers should not have their information shared with the federal government simply because they hold a handgun carry permit,” Haggard said. “This legislation ensures their privacy is protected.”

Haggard also co-authored House Bill 1117, known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which says certain federal laws that infringe on lawful Hoosier gun owners’ rights remain invalid and unenforceable in Indiana. The bill, authored by Rep. Lorissa Sweet, R-Wabash, and co-authored by Haggard and two others, would also establish civil penalties for violations. If enacted, Indiana would join 19 other states with similar laws on the books, according to a statement from Haggard’s office.

“Federal lawmakers along with the Biden Administration continue to try to weaken our Second Amendment right,” Haggard said in the statement. “I will always stand up for lawful Hoosier gun owners who want to retain their ability to protect themselves and their family.”

HB 1117 is assigned to Courts and Criminal Code but hasn’t been assigned a hearing as of press time.

Haggard’s district includes northern White River Township in Johnson County and parts of Morgan and Hancock counties.